A man on a cross-country mission made not one but two stops very close to the SouthCoast!

Jake Adams is the golfer behind a viral series, where he traveled state to state for a whole month with the goal of hitting a golf ball in all 50 along the way. His venture to the Northeastern United States came about halfway through the journey throughout the month of April, where he stopped to hit balls in both Barnstable and Providence.

Adams' swing in Cape Cod looked nothing short of perfect (coming from someone who knows nothing about golf), and after he took a moment to admire the ball's trajectory into the water far into the distance, he celebrated by jumping in the nearly freezing water...fully clothed.

Adams' trip to the streets of Providence didn't quite go as planned, on the other hand. Just before his swing, he made the mistake of being way too literal, ensuring that the ball "ha[d] to go straight."

It went straight alright. In fact, Adams hit the golf ball straight into a cement bench directly in front of him, making a loud ding before flying off in a completely different direction off-camera.

"Well, I'm gettin' out of here," Adams said after grabbing his camera in a hurry. "Oh boy."

Along his journey to hit a golf ball in all 50 states, Adams visited the deserts of Nevada, the snowy slopes of Colorado, the fields of Kansas and everywhere between and beyond. It's a pretty epic series available to watch back right now on TikTok.

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