If you've always wondered what Fairhaven looked like back in 1985, wait until you see this.

I didn't grow up on the SouthCoast, but I've been here long enough to remember how much things have changed in our little part of the world. Even so, I was surprised to see just how many things on Route 6 have changed since the year 1985.

At the time it was filmed, I'm sure the person recording this video didn't think it was all that incredible. The person may have received a camcorder for Christmas and was just trying it out as a passenger in the car. My bet is that this video was found years and years later, when it could now be viewed as something of a local treasure.

As you take this ride down Route 6 in Fairhaven in 1985, take note of just how many things have changed. How many can you count?

Here's an incomplete list of what we noticed:

  1. Barbero's Restaurant
  2. A&W Root Beer
  3. Howard's (Car lot??)
  4. The Huttleston House
  5. Dorothy Cox Chocolates
  6. Fairhaven Drive-In Theater
  7. Benny's
  8. The Fairhaven water tower
  9. Brooks Drugs
  10. K-Mart
  11. The old-style McDonald's before it burned down
  12. Almac's
  13. No Fun 107 building on the corner of Route 6 and Sconticut Neck Road
  14. No Stop & Shop Plaza
  15. No Frontera Grill
  16. No Fairhaven Rec Center
  17. No Carefree Homes
  18. G. Bourne Knowles
  19. No Courtyard Plaza
  20. No condos on the left-hand side as you head towards Mattapoisett

Can you spot all of these changes in this video?  Did we miss anything?  Let us know in the Facebook comments.

Warning: The music in this video might hit you right in the feels if you grew up in the '80s.

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