Back Door Donuts of Martha’s Vineyard has had themselves a week.

On Tuesday, it was forced to defend its hugely popular late-night donut hours known as “Donuts After Dark” after a disgruntled neighbor made a formal complaint to the town.

The MV Times cites the abutter as Lynn Vera, who felt Donuts After Dark brought a "rowdy, noisy, and inconsiderate" crowd.

After an official town hall meeting, the bakery shared an update and expressed its deepest gratitude for the community’s support.

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“First and foremost, we want to thank the “Fritter Fam” for the outpouring of support- not just this week but over the past several decades,” said Back Door Donuts. “We are eternally grateful to be part of a community that cares about preserving Back Door Donuts as much as we do.”

The company was proud to report that the meeting with the Town of Oak Buffs Select Board was a cooperative and productive experience.

“All parties agreed that we work together to manage our business and our beloved crowds,” they said. “We appreciate our supporters who signed petitions, made comments, and attended the hearing.”

At this time, Donuts After Dark is still up and running, where donut lovers can wait in line at the back door and get their sweet late-night fix.

Back Door Donuts encourages anyone waiting in line to have fun but to stay mindful of noise levels as much as possible.

“All parties agree that we are an institution that is an asset to the community as well as to our beloved customers,” they said.

It was a big win for the “Fritter Fam” and a lovely example of how delicious treats and beloved traditions can bring a community together.

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