There's nothing that says Christmas more than a Holiday Rap Battle!

So it's been a very strange holiday season for me ever since my fiance won a rap battle at work. She's a seventh grade teacher, so why she was in the middle of a fierce rap battle between English teachers I'll never know. Either way, she won and has been INSUFFERABLE since. It's been brutal!

She's been mean. She thinks shes the second coming of Missy Elliot. She's actually referring to herself strictly as MissE. It's been absolutely insane. I had to find a way to regain control of my house, so I did the one thing I knew could bring her back down to earth. I challenged her to a holiday rap battle! Check out the video below.

So yea, as you can see this didn't go exactly as I planned. Either way, I hope you and yours have a VERY Merry Christmas, a VERY Happy Holidays and a super New Year!

And remember... under no circumstance ever challenge someone to a rap battle if you're not ready to get knocked out apparently... I think it's a thing, but I don't know for sure. Just be careful... Be very very careful.


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