I know it's only Tuesday, but I've got my Super Bowl touchdown celebration ready.

This year in the NFL they brought back the touchdown celebrations and they most definitely didn't disappoint all year. Here's the thing though, most of those were just regular season celebrations. They're good but not up to snub for the playoffs.

Even in the playoffs, the celebrations should be increasing every round. Now we're here. It's the big dance, the big game, the main stage. It's time to bring out the big celebrations and I'm one hundred percent ready.

I decided to practice my celebration yesterday, you know, just to get ready and be prepared. I'm not going to lie to anyone. I may have let myself get a little too excited. It's possible that I went a little over the top, but at least no one can say I'm not Super Bowl ready.

Check out my Super Bowl celebration below:

So yea, a little much, I get it. I mean, I ran to Gillette. Clearly, I'm already in Super Bowl mode. Hopefully, after watching this, you will be too. We're only days away from Tom Terrific, Gronk and The Hoodie playing for another ring. The SIXTH one. If you can't get hyped up for that then I don't know what to tell you.


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