I was at my daughter's basketball game last night at Wareham High School when an eerie sound enveloped Brogioli Court. It was the unmistakable sound that an Amber Alert makes coming from mobile devices. All of the phones of the parents and students in the stands began to wail, as the players on the court played on without knowing what was happening.

Like synchronized swimmers, we each reached down to pick up their phone, glance at the screen, read the alert and gasped in unison. An 11-year-old had been taken in the Springfield area and police were looking for an older blue Honda Civic.

Some of the younger kids heard what happened and their faces furrowed in fear. I offered some reassurance, explaining that most of the time these Amber Alerts involved parents that aren't getting along and one of them might take off with one of the kids in a moment of anger.

Come to find out, this case seems to be every parents' nightmare come true. Police say the kidnapping of Charlotte Moccia was random. I don't even want to imagine what was planned for this poor little kid.

Picture yourself receiving an Amber Alert, then looking through your windshield and seeing an exact match of the car that police were looking for. You see a hand emerge and push down the head of one of the passengers to below window level.

That's exactly what happened to this husband and wife. They immediately called police as they followed the blue Honda Civic. They tried to keep calm, until the Civic's driver realized they were being followed. The rest seems more like a Hollywood script than reality. Listen to this chilling audio:

Thankfully, Charlotte was recovered after only about two hours; it could have been a lot worse. Police arrested 24-year-old Miguel Rodriguez of Springfield and he is being held without bail.

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