Straight out of Westport is a story of ambition and perseverance from a small-town rapper with larger-than-life dreams.

Joey Gonsalves, a.k.a. "JayeGee," received the biggest opportunity of his rapping career and it's all coming to fruition close to home.

Years of hard work landed JayeGee, 19, an opening spot for none other than two-time platinum recording artist Fetty Wap.

The show is set for Wednesday, April 20, 9 p.m., at Mezzo Ultra Lounge in Providence. JayeGee will perform a 12-minute set and will be featured with other artists making multiple appearances throughout the night.

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"Once I saw that Fetty Wap was making his way to Providence on Instagram, I sent a DM to the promoter and ended up getting the gig," JayGee tells Fun 107. "I love to perform. I love the energy from the crowd and feeding off their energy. I definitely generally have a pretty good crowd response, too, so I'm really looking forward to this show."

When asked if he was nervous to perform for Fetty and Mezzo's crowd, he simply replied, "Nah, I honestly don't get nervous at all. I'm a performer, that's what I do best."

Music runs deep in JayGee's genes, and the inspiration and motivation to press on stem from his father.

"I've been rapping for five years," JayeGee said. "I was always interested in all types of music and I've been making music ever since I was a little kid. There have been aspirations for it at a young age, and since my father has a studio and years' worth of a musical background, it made sense to continue his legacy."

JayeGee's final thoughts are extended to his friends, family, and supporters.

"Shoutout to everybody that made this possible, everybody that I work with every day, and everybody that I continue to make music with and grow with," JayeGee said. "We have a huge community coming up in New Bedford and Fall River. We're definitely going to be on the rise soon. Massachusetts boutta get out on"

"Just stay positive and maintain everything, there's no point in building up everything if you can't maintain it in the future."

Anyone who's interested in attending can purchase tickets for the event here.

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