Michael Rock asked, and Abby answered. What's the deal with Witch Rock in Rochester?

Greenville Paranormal / Pinterest
Greenville Paranormal / Pinterest

The only thing I love more than investigative adventures are things that have supernatural ties. So I was pretty excited that this story had BOTH. Witch Rock, which is actually located on a residential property in Rochester, is known for the black witch on a broomstick spray-painted on the face of the giant boulder. I couldn't find anything about who actually painted the witch on the rock, but if you want to admit it was you, shoot me a message.

I did, however, find some creepy secrets about the rock. According to local legend, Native Americans used that site as a religious altar but quickly discovered it was overrun with evil spirits. Another legend claims that the spirit of a witch who was hanged from the tree just behind the rock is now trapped inside the rock itself. Supposedly, she emerges from the rock on each full moon. And maybe that's where the whole witch thing started.

In fact, rumor has it that you can catch disembodied voices, eerie laughter, and even see a full-bodied apparition around the rock. SPOOKY!

If you're looking for me on the next full moon, I'm going to be hanging around by this rock trying to catch a witch's spirit.



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