As we struggle through another week of social distancing and being home from work and school are you also struggling with screen time?

How much screen time my daughters were getting came up while I was talking with my mother about some educational live streams being offered for young kids amid coronavirus school closures.

She said something about how I probably didn't want them to watch too much and honestly the thought hadn't quite crossed my mind.

I mean most adults seem to be binge watching like crazy with nowhere to go and not much to do, so letting my daughters get an extra hour or so a day of screens didn't seem like that big of a deal.

Especially if it's educational content.

And for many of us parents now working from home while the kids are there and out of school, an extra hour of them enjoying some Netflix means another hour that I can get something done in peace.

So personally, I think the extra screen time for kids is a given right now.

I know we won't just sit and watch all day, every day. We've been out in the yard every chance we get.

But with the rainy days we've had and now the string of colder temperatures, every day might not be an outdoor day. It's only March after all and this is New England.

So how concerned are you with screen time during coronavirus social distancing?

Are you still trying to set the same limits or are you being more lenient with how much your kids get to watch and play?

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