Happy with that new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are we? Well, Apple isn't done yet with the products, because on October 16th, the next generation of iPads will arrive.

According to Tech Radar, the iPad Air 2 will likely feature a number of improvements to the already top-selling tablet, including Touch ID. As far as the RAM of the new iPad Air, it's expected to have double the amount as the original with 2 GB.

With the highly anticipated addition of Touch ID working with iOS 8, the iPad Air 2 takes the idea of turning your phone into a wallet and makes it tablet sized. However, there's no guarantee Apple Pay will appear on the new tablet, with it being unclear whether it will have the necessary NFC chip.

After the announcement in October, you'll have to wait till November to get your mitts on the latest Apple tech. Apple will also announce the new Retina iMac, along with their OS X Yosemite.

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