So wait, it's regular camping... but naked. I have so many questions but my main one is why?

I'm not big on camping to begin with, but doing it in my birthday suit sounds really aggressive. I've always hated camping and the woods, because well I hate bugs. I don't know nearly enough about nature to trust any plants or animals. I'm also really whiny when it comes to being too cold or too hot. Basically, I'm a diva and camping isn't for me.

Now, all those issues I have with camping apply to camping FULLY CLOTHED. I can't even begin to imagine how magnified those issues would be if I was hangin out like I'm on an episode of "Naked And Afraid."

To top it all off, ABC News says Dyer Woods Nudist Campgrounds is looking for a new lifeguard. WHY!? Why on earth would anyone want to be a lifeguard at a nudist campground? According to the report the campgrounds' president Jim Johnson says it's a "family campground." ...I'm sorry what? How!? At least Johnson said the lifeguard is allowed to wear a bathing suit, but it's "not required."

I'm so confused and kind of grossed out by all of this. But if building a fire with your bare booty out in the breeze, now you know you need not go any farther than Rhode Island to achieve your dreams.

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