Debra Messing took a day trip to Rhode Island this week to visit her childhood home. Anybody see her out and about?

The holiday weekend's gorgeous weather brought one Hollywood actress to Rhode Island for a trip down memory lane.

Debra Messing posted to Facebook several photos from a day trip to the Ocean State where she brought her son to see some of her favorite spots as a kid.

As her post says they met up with a childhood friend to eat lunch at the waterfront restaurant where she was once a waitress, grab some Ben & Jerry's from the looks of it and basically just drive around remembering her youth.

Debra Messing Facebook page
Debra Messing Facebook page

Nice to see a big star making the time to show her son where she grew up.

The Will and Grace star probably could have gone anywhere she wanted for her Memorial Day weekend, but she chose to come back to Rhode Island and spend the day reliving her childhood.

Checking out the house she grew up in, remembering all the families in her neighborhood, it's really cool to see someone who's gone so far still reflecting on her roots.

It would have been a bit cooler if I had perhaps run into her while on her memory lane trip, but maybe someone else did.

Anyone actually spot Debra Messing out and about in Rhode Island?