The grand re-opening of the UBar last night was not without a bit of controversy over the presence of Miller Lite Girls at the event.

And though the Miller Lite Girls were still at the bar, one such Miller Lite employee had a response to those who protested the appearance.

An open letter toThe UMass Dartmouth UBar Protesters

Miller Lite is a brand that has been well known for years. Whether you’re in college, a working professional or retired, you’ve heard the tagline “When it’s game time, it’s Miller time”. As a Miller/Coors brand ambassador or maybe better known to you as a “Miller Lite Girl”, it is in our job description to promote the brand at bars, restaurants and events to all customers, not just the male population. While promoting the brand, we are responsible for engaging customers in conversation about the product and informing them of different contests available during the promotion.

Our promotional staff includes males as well as females. I have been a brand ambassador for numerous companies over the past 10 years- jobs that have complemented my time earning a master’s degree in Integrated Marketing.   At no point have I ever had to wear any clothing that was “inappropriate”.  Most of the time, our staff is either wearing a product t-shirt, sweatshirt or a polo with jeans/khakis/dress pants; “Proper attire” as you say.  I’ve included photos from recent events to highlight my point.

Thanks to Women’s Liberation, I am pretty sure I have the right to choose where I work and what I would like to wear.  At no point in my job description does it state that my job is to promote the “sexualization of women”.  Although, if “sexualizing women” were part of my job requirements, I could still choose whether or not I wanted to accept that job.  I’m sorry that you didn’t want to celebrate a highly anticipated event on your school’s campus due to us “Miller Lite Girls” being in attendance. We’ll be sure to save a Miller Lite keychain for you in the event that you change your mind and come out to see what “Miller Lite Girls” actually do rather than assume that we’ll just be the scantily clad girls flirting with the boys for a few hours.


A Miller/Coors Brand Ambassador

This employee also sent along photos of what they actually where at such events.