Dear iRobot, makers of the Roomba robots:

I have something to say that I'm convinced you're going to want to hear.

Our living rooms have self-propelled vacuums you call Roombas, our swimming pools have self-cleaning robots, yet our driveways are left to be cleared by old fashioned, outdated manual labor when it comes to snow removal.

It's time you invented something that will help with this problem.

Today, I and my business partner Ty Chasse of New Bedford would love to present to you the future of snow shoveling with our latest idea, the "PlowNow." It's a waterproof robotic snowplow that will learn the dimensions of your driveway and remove the pesky accumulation.

How does it work?

Well, here's where you come into play, since you are the founding fathers in this field of housewares.

Through laser-guidance, internal heat lamps, and sturdy rotating undercarriage bristle blades, we truly believe that this could revolutionize the way we maintain our driveways throughout the wintry season.

As the robot maneuvers along the calculated path of your driveway on a non-slip rubber-based continuous track that is similar to a tank, blades will rotate like a lawnmower to break up the snow and icy terrain as the chargeable non-butane heat lamp melts down the snow and ice without harming the tar or pavement.

Knowing that you are a local company here in Massachusetts, you of all people should understand the demand this invention could produce.

Please understand that this is simply an inquiry that could potentially become very popular, not only here on the SouthCoast, but across New England and throughout the colder areas of the United States and eventually the world. Just some food for thought.

We hope that you will consider our idea as this could change the way we live during the cold seasons. Hope to hear from you soon.


Two guys who are sick of shoveling.

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