To the dog owners that are too good to scoop the poop:

It's the season for lots of dog walks, which is so good for both your dog and you, but please make sure you are prepared for their poop.

It's not the typical conversation you would expect from me but I know too many dog owners and have taken too many pups for walks to know it's inevitable that your dog will need to go to the bathroom. So it's important to be prepared to pick up after your dog.

I get it, it's not pretty, but it's part of owning an animal. You may let them out in your backyard and that's where they normally go, and you worry about picking it up later, but when you are taking them on walks – especially high-traffic areas like bike paths and sidewalks – you need to pick that poop up.

Don't get me wrong, I have gone on walks myself and wasn't prepared! I made sure my pup went before we started out walking, but somehow he needed to go again and I had nothing to pick it up. So after the walk, I brought the pup home and went back to the scene of the crime and took care of it. I got in some extra steps that day but it was totally my fault.

Not only is this an eye sore but just imagine, you are going for a walk or run and happen to step in that? It's the worst!

So I'm asking all the dog owners and walkers out there, please bring something with you on your walk to pick up after your pet.

Thanks in advance,


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