How close to the Southcoast?  Well "America's Favorite City" is within minutes of New Bedford and Fall River.  According to, the city is Providence, Rhode Island.

The travel and tourism website gives several reasons why Providence was chosen as number one:

-Great food.  Who can argue?  Some of America's best restaurants are in Downtown Providence.

-A Hip Downtown.   The renovation of the downtown area of Providence has been spectacular.  Great shops, nice apartments and many dining choices.

-Grown-up Bars.   Providence may be considered a college town, but according to the website, the bars offer a huge variety of atmospheres and great drinks.

-That New England Charm.  Travel and Leisure points out the riverfront, great places to walk, and the historical architecture you'll find in Downtown Providence.

Maybe it's time for Southern New Englanders to look at Providence in a new light.

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