Nothing beats decorating the Christmas tree with the kids. But am I the only mom who does this after the decorating is done?

I absolutely love decorating the tree with my girls. The oldest is really getting into the Christmas spirit this year and it has been awesome.

And what I truly loved about trimming the tree this year were all the questions she asked about the ornaments.

Obviously, a lot of my ornaments are much older than she is. I even have a few from my mother that were my favorites to put on our trees when I was my daughter's age.

So to tell her the story behind each one and where they all came from was amazing.

And she really wanted to know, which was somehow more amazing.

But despite all the delightful decorating and story-telling I just couldn't help want to make some changes to the tree once the kids had gone to bed.

See, like most young kids the idea of spreading out similar ornaments or not putting too much of the same color together mean nothing to my daughter. And somehow everything to my OCD brain.

And as much as my husband felt we should "just leave it" I simply had to rearrange it.

Not too crazy though, I swear. Just swapping similar ball ornaments to un-group the colors and spreading out this set of Santa ornaments instead of letting them all hang in the same spot.

And in my defense, she never actually noticed.

So did I kill the Christmas spirit? Or do other moms feel the need to make similar moves too?

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