Maybe this is not such a bad thing?  You're still young and haven't found "the one" yet, right?  Even if that's not entirely true, you want this wedding to be amazing for your friend and here are 5 tips to help you be an awesome bridesmaid.

5. Even if you don't LOVE the other girls in your friends wedding as bridesmaids, ACT as if you do.  You don't wan't there to be any issues or hard feelings and if the bride gets any strange vibes on this, she will worry and overthink it, which will add stress that believe me, she doesn't need.

4. Accept that the maid of honor is the Queen Bee, not you.  The sooner you get over this and start acting like a team player, the more you will enjoy the entire journey.   Your sole purpose is to make the brides experience as perfect as it can be, that's it.  When you have an "idea" run it by the maid of honor first, before you ask the other gals in the bridal party.  This shows that you respect that she is the fearless leader and she will respect you for it.

3. Don't delay in putting in your share.  The last thing you want to do is hold up a dress order because your dragging your feet on taking care of your deposit.  This stinks and can cause everyone to wonder "What's up with her?"... You don't want this to happen, at all.  As soon as you get a text or email about chipping in your share of things, get it done, right on the spot.  This shows that you are completely invested in your friends events leading up to the big day and that you've budgeted smart in having anything they need from you ready and waiting.

2.  Stop the drama before it starts and speak up! If you see that a bitter bridesmaid in the circle start to gossip or complain, don’t let it turn into a nightmare.  Remind her that she’s been honored by being named a bridesmaid, and part of that honor is  to get along with the other bridesmaids.

1. Make it fun for the bride.  Planning a wedding can be stressful so she is going to need you and the other bridesmaids to lighten things up for her from time to time throughout her engagement.  A fun shopping and lunch date or even all of you gathering at one of your apartments or house for wine and pizza...  This gives her a chance to unwind, maybe vent about the wedding frustrations she might have and it's an opportunity for you to make her laugh a little, or a lot!

And lastly, make everything fit the bride’s style, her personality, her favorite things, her relationship with her groom. The main mantra is “What Would Bride Want?” A bridesmaid group that keeps this in mind is truly amazing!


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