Who knew that the digital world we were already living in would get more, well, digital?

Each and every day, for the most part, the average person who was once working in an office is now safely working at home. Through the modern technology of Zoom and Facebook Live and Messenger, people are finding constructive ways to keep in touch with their coworkers, family, and friends. Some are even sending out video messages to their loved ones and even their own students.

That's exactly what one school did during this time of social distancing.

Over at the Almar del Mar Charter School on Belleville Avenue in New Bedford, Executive Director Will Gardner decided to reach out to his students in a very unique and heart-warming way. With the help of his peers and co-workers who he calls his friends, Gardner produced a music video of a song sung to the tune of "Lean on Me" by the late Bill Withers.

"Mr. Gardner missed his weekly singalongs at K-4 Morning Routine, so he invited some friends to bring one of our favorite Friday morning songs to you! Be on the lookout for some faces you recognize. This is dedicated to all of our ALMAZING scholars, and the late, great Bill Withers!" -Alma del Mar Charter School

Mr. Gardner missed singing each and every morning to his students and wasn't going to let the coronavirus get in the way of his daily routine.

Just as the song goes, we all need somebody to lean on, and that's a message we need to keep close these days. We can only get through this if we work together, help each other, and support one another.

Kudos to Mr. Gardner and the Alma del Mar Charter School. Wonderful work, indeed.

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