I remember watching reruns of the "Brady Bunch" sitcom like it was yesterday.

After school, my brother and I would watch television in the basement while we ate a snack, like sliced apples with a side of peanut butter or celery with peanut butter and raisins. Oh, how I love both of those snacks to this day!

Mom let each of us pick a 30-minute show to watch before starting our homework by 4 p.m. I always chose the Brady Bunch because I loved Alice the housekeeper. She was so patient, even though the kids did so many things to try her nerves. Her words of wisdom spoken at the right time were powerful and easy to understand. Plus it didn't hurt  that Greg and Peter were so cute!

Thus, it saddened me greatly that Ann B. Davis, the actress who portrayed Alice, died on Sunday as a result of a fall. She was 88 years old. For me, television icons like Davis will always be remembered for the roles they played in my life as I grew up in a much simpler time.

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