AJ Mitchell has been working his butt off for the last few years, gaining a pretty massive following along the way. His full name is Aaron Fredrick Mitchell, Jr. He is originally from Illinois. If you think he looks young, you would be right – he's only 18 years old.

While his music generally has a message geared towards the young, I think anyone can enjoy and appreciate his smooth vocals. He gets a little saucy with his new song "Spring Break," which I'm sure you can guess what it's all about. For as young as he is, the music video showcases him shirtless most of the time and laying with presumably his on-screen girlfriend.

It's fun, upbeat and you can't fully experience it without rolling down your windows or at least opening your sunroof and turning the volume up.

In case you missed me playing it as your wicked or whack, take a listen and watch the music video:

It makes me want to be sitting at the beach with my feet in the hot sand. Can we all agree that with everything going on in the world, we should just move to an island and serve drinks in coconuts? Who needs a vacation?

Anyway, I've got to get your thoughts on this new AJ Mitchell song. Is it wicked good or totally whack? Vote now.

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