After 14 years of slinging ice cream cones in the South End of New Bedford, one local business is nixing its normal seasonal hours and going completely full-time.

A year-round plan has been put in place by owners Douglas Sterling and his wife Elsa Defaria to keep the doors of Clark's Point Creamery at the bottom of Brock Avenue open year-round.

Fun 107 was live at the creamery last week to sample some of Sterling's homemade favorites: baby-back barbecue ribs that fall off the bone, thin-crust pizzas and, of course, his take on fried seafood.

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"There's a big demand here in the South End," Sterling said. "No one around here serves up a 12-inch bar-style pizza as we do and we take pride in it."

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Stay tuned as the restaurant puts its pizza specials to the test soon.

I was happy to learn that the creamery is more than just ice cream, it's homestyle-cooked food that's priced reasonably and just the right portion.

"I guarantee you're going to like it," Sterling said. "It's a destination for sure, but it's worth it. I just want to offer the best. Quality always comes first."

The saying goes: As one door closes, another one opens. Before making the decision to open full-time at the creamery, Sterling and his wife shut down Whaling City Diner on Purchase Street. Their focus now is on Clark's Point and offering their delicious food and tasty ice cream treats further on into the year.

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