There are now six families from Afghanistan now living in the New Bedford area. All were relocated here by the U.S. government after the Taliban takeover in their home country.

After their harrowing escape last year, they are facing new challenges in their new home, like learning a new language, a higher cost of living, the education of their children, affordable housing and finding work. This is the world that Omar Emad, her husband and their three children find themselves in.

I spoke with Omar and Helena DaSilva Hughes, President of the Immigrants Assistance Center, this week on Townsquare Sunday.

Emad described her life in Afghanistan before the Taliban takeover, and the hurdles her family faces now in New Bedford. Her experiences certainly have not been all bad. She is very thankful for the help she's received from organizations and volunteers.

The International Institute of New England is overseeing the six Afghan families, but they do not have a case manager in New Bedford every day. That's something that DaSilva Hughes believes is badly needed to help families with issues they face.

Part one of the interview with Omar Emad and DaSilva Hughes can be heard here:

In part two, Emad talks about her life in Afghanistan, the difficulties in living in a new country, and her plans to help her husband obtain a degree.

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