My name is Gazelle, I used to live above Acushnet Creamery and I am convinced that it's haunted.

Now that I don't live there anymore, I am openly willing to discuss my experience with the newly-renovated apartment. First off, in case you are unaware, yes, there is a fully stocked apartment above the ice cream shop that I once called home.

Throughout my time at 264 Main Street in Acushnet, I've heard spooky noises and came home to locked doors being opened (I just assumed it was the wind opening up a poorly closed door).

After doing some further research, I talked about it with paranormal expert and Fun 107 Digital Managing Editor Tim Weisberg, who explained in further detail the reasoning behind the "weirdness."

It turns out that it's not actually the building itself that's haunted (considering it's only a few years old), but in fact, the land that it sits on that could very well be cursed or unsettling.

Noises that come from below into the apartment through the rush hours of business, such as the sounds of ice cream cooler doors being slammed shut, are not uncommon. What is uncommon is hearing those same sudden bangs after hours, when all the employees have vacated--and that makes me grip my sheets a bit tighter.

Lastly, as you enter the building where the apartment building entrance is located, you'll find yourself in front of a set of newly installed wooden stairs. They are strong and barely used, but at night, I've heard sounds of creaking, as if someone was slowly making their way to my bedroom.

I've never physically seen any ghosts or unnatural phenomena, but I've been pretty suspicious to the truth that lies beneath the concrete foundation of Acushnet Creamery.

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