You really have to give the police credit, they have to do their job and witness some terrifying things, on the other hand, they also get to see people make idiots of themselves on a daily basis. One glaring example comes to us from the great state of Ohio, well known for their dancing. Police in Gahanna, Ohio, pulled one Dale Bentley over on Sunday for speeding, but it's his fancy footwork that is making him a viral sensation. According to WTSP, when the officers decided to give him a sobriety test, Bentley danced his way through it, and his smoking moves were caught on the dash cams. Officers say the man may have been trying to be funny, but they didn't think so. After the test, they arrest the dancing drunk, yet still a very funny video to watch! When local news crews later found the man at his home they asked him if he remembers dancing, he says no. I wonder what he was drinking, my money is on Tequila.




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