Who would have thought that having an ordinary name could score you a trip around the world?

Well, it can, if your name happens to be Elizabeth Gallagher. There is some other criteria of course that I'll touch upon in just a second...but first, get this.

Buzzfeed.com has the story about this guy Jordan from Toronto who booked a trip with his girlfriend last winter so they could travel around the world together. They have since broken up, he's still taking the trip, she's not, and he doesn't want to waste her ticket. So he thought up this idea that he'd give the ticket to a woman with the same name as his ex-girlfriend. The ticket is already in her name and he said it would be really difficult to change it, so the easiest way is to just take someone with him with that name.

The lucky Elizabeth that gets to go on this trip coming up in December, will see the likes of NYC, Milan, Prague, Paris and Bangkok. Jordan also states that he isn't looking for anything romantic. Actually his criteria goes a little like this:

1. Be sane, smart and (hopefully) interesting.
2. Have always wanted to travel, but maybe haven’t had the opportunity or cash to see much of the world.
3. Be named Elizabeth Gallagher and have a Canadian passport.
4. Be ready for a rather spontaneous life experience that will, one day, be an epic story that you’ll tell your kids.
5. Pay it forward. I’ve been lucky in life and this is me giving back to the universe. Do something similar someday.

He goes on to say that in addition to not looking for romance, he's really not looking for anything else either than to truly put the already purchased ticket to good use. He says he wants nothing in exchange, not drugs, not trade, not even companionship. He says if the lucky recipient of the ticket would like to give him a few hundred bucks towards the trip, than that's cool, but not required.

He adds that he hopes whoever ends up with this ticket just has the time of their life, enjoys the trip and hopefully will pay it forward to someone else.