Imagine heading to a quiet beach and seeing a shark stranded at your feet. My worst nightmare happened this past weekend in Rhode Island.

It was an absolutely perfect weekend to hit your favorite beach. If you live in Rhode Island, you may have chosen to hit up one of the quieter beach areas of Little Compton.

Well, imagine you are relaxing on your towel or chair in the sand and decide to walk down the rocky shore to dip your toes – and there, right in front of you, is a stranded shark. Some really foul language would come out of my mouth, as well as some high-pitched screams, followed by me running away like crazy.

This isn't a scene from a movie. This actually happened over the weekend. A pretty good-sized shark was stranded on the shore in the area of some rocks.

No one was hurt although the shark may be sore from rustling around in the rocks. The Rhode Island Environmental Control staff was able to get the shark into deeper waters in hopes that it would be able to survive the stranding.

Is that what August is going to bring us? Who had "land sharks" on their 2020 Apocalypse Bingo card? Maybe he just wanted a good seat in front of the television for Shark Week.

The moral of the story is that anything is possible right now – and yes, I scream like a girl.

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