Once again, a local photographer has captured proof of how beautiful Westport can be.

Shara Grant of Shara Grant Photography has an eye for nature and a knack for spotting the hidden gems around town. She's been taking photos since she was a little girl and her passion for the art has endured.

She once told Fun 107: "I am blessed to live in a town that is full of beauty and I enjoy getting out in the fresh air, chasing down sunsets, hiking out to the end of the island to catch a storm roll by or sitting still on my porch taking hummingbird photos."

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This time, Grant was fortunate enough to cross paths with an albino squirrel -- odds that are 1 in 100,000. The rare specimen was captured down by River Road in Westport, its beady red eyes glaring in the sun as Grant snapped a photo.

Courtesy Shara Grant Photography
Courtesy Shara Grant Photography

Good news for Grant: According to Symbolism and Metaphor, anyone who comes across a white squirrel is fortunate.

"The white squirrel is a very positive omen. It symbolizes good luck, change, and financial abundance. It also symbolizes the attributes of perseverance and goal setting, which are crucial to achieving success."

It could very well be fate to come across this beautiful white squirrel. May there be health, wealth and prosperity for Grant in all that she does.

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