A 2-pound rare blue lobster was discovered by a fisherman in Plymouth this week.

Wayne Nickerson has been a commercial lobsterman in Plymouth for 35 years. He was lobstering off his boat, the F/V Windsong, when he discovered the blue lobster in a wire trap.

Jan Nickerson via Facebook
Jan Nickerson via Facebook

The lobster is the second rarest blue crustacean that Wayne has caught during his career. His first rare beauty was caught back in 1990.

According to the Lobster Institute at the University of Maine, oceanographers have said that every one in one million lobsters, is blue. The blue color is a genetic defect caused by an excessive amount of a particular protein.

Bleu was separated from the other lobsters so he wouldn't get eaten or hurt. The lobster is being kept safe and Nickerson's hope is that Bleu will live a long life at a local aquarium.

Additional reporting by Michaela Bottino


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