There's a new crime drama coming to the Starz network called Hightown and there were a bunch of scenes filmed this week on one of the most popular streets on the Cape.

Crews from the new TV show Hightown re-created Provincetown's famous Carnival specifically for upcoming episodes for the show.  The shows creator, Rebecca Cutter says that these scenes had to be filmed in Provincetown and would not have been able to be duplicated anywhere else.

In an interview with the Cape Cod Times, Cutter said, "Carnival had to be on that same street.  So many people come here.  They would recognize that place and know if we faked it.  We really wanted to get that right.”  She goes on to say that the reason she knows Provincetown so well is because she's been visiting the town most of her life, since 1974.  She grew up in Cambridge, and she and her family would vacation in Provincetown. She and her husband who is from Brewster, got married at the Pilgrim Monument.  So needless to say, she's pretty well versed on P-town and other lower Cape towns like Chatham, Orleans and Wellfleet.  Rebecca continued saying, "Lucky me. This is literally the place I came as a kid ... and somehow I ended up being able to get my work to be here."

TSM/christine fox

According to the Cape Cod Times, There’s no start date yet set for what is due to be an eight-episode first season on the premium cable network. The plot is set around the Cape Cod opioid crisis and, according to Starz, is “a crime drama about fiercely flawed people using whoever and whatever they can to get through the night. Through these characters, ‘Hightown’ explores themes of addiction and recovery and the possibility of redemption.”