A New Bedford woman is without a vehicle after her keys and then her car were stolen right from under her nose.

Michelle Pimental was shocked Wednesday morning when a good workout ended with a crime. Someone took her keys from the community key rack at Fairhaven Planet Fitness, and it wasn't until she was ready to leave that she knew something was wrong.

When she realized her vehicle had been stolen, she immediately contacted the Fairhaven Police Department.

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"I've been going to this gym for years but never bring anything inside except for my keys," Pimental said. "I always leave it on the hook and when I asked the staff if they saw who did it, they described a random woman who walked in with Walmart bags asking questions about gym memberships."

Pimental was unable to secure video footage of the suspect, but Planet Fitness staff members told police the female in question was wearing a white hoodie. The suspect had asked to use the restroom during the conversation with a staff member and that's when she allegedly removed Pimental's key from the hook.

"My purse was in the car with my debit and credit card, and $850 in cash along with the jewelry I made that I was about to sell in a yoga shop," Pimental said. "My boyfriend’s band shirts that I just ordered are also gone with the car, along with power tools in my trunk. She got me good."

If you happen to come across a white 2016 Toyota Corolla, plate number 9JZ524, contact the Fairhaven Police Department at (508) 997-7421.

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