Have you ever let go of a balloon and watched it float up to the sky, wondering where the balloon would end up?

Apparently, a young child who is missing their dad wanted to send him a message, and in the cutest way imaginable.

Deputy Nelson Brum of the Bristol County Sheriff's Office was in Taunton, having lunch in his car, when he noticed a balloon heading in his direction just a few feet from the ground; the ballon had a message attached to it in what appeared to be a child's handwriting. He opened the door to get it, but before he stepped out of the car, he says it floated right inside.

The balloon featured a bright yellow smiling face, and he himself couldn't help but smile after reading the message:

This is both so sweet yet also so heartbreaking. This child just wants to show dad how much they love him and how he will never be forgotten. What a wonderful way to remember her dad.

Brum said he would like to find an adult in this child's life so he can let the child know he found the balloon.

A simple reminder to never take for granted the simple things in life. A balloon, a handwritten note, and a simple message of caring. The ripple effect this simple thing can have on so many of us can't be measured.

Stop what you are doing and send a little message to someone you love right now, just to let them know you are thinking of them. If you weren't too busy to read this, you aren't too busy to send a text or email to those you care about.

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