Jordan says his dad put a game controller in his hand when he was 3 years old and he's been playing ever since.

Both of my boys LOVE their video games and Fortnite in particular.  I can't imagine how excited they'd be to make it to the World Championship. They really don't play enough hours in the week so I don't imagine that is going to happen anytime soon.  But I would never discourage them from trying to get there.

I was scrolling through WCVB's Facebook page and their article on Jordan caught my eye.  16 year old Jordan Horzog from Sudbury Ma says he spends 8 hours a day in his gaming room practicing and perfecting his craft, Fortnite.  Now every gamer has a screen name and Jordan's is Crimz. He and his gaming partner Zack Gifford (aka OT Spadess) who is 18 and from Texas will be will be 1 of 50 duo teams competing in Fortnite’s World Cup Finals this July in Queens, New York.

You might be wondering how Jordan spends 8 hours a day gaming?  What about school, right?  Well, he left Lincoln-Sudbury High School 2 years ago and enrolled in online school at TEC Connections Academy.

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According to the article on WCVB's website, Jordan says, “I’ll probably be competing for the next four to five years. That could mean Fortnite if it continues to be alive, or the next game that is popular and in the same genre,” said Jordan Herzog, saying most professional gamers attract sponsorships and advertisers. “At that point, I’d probably try to make most of my money just streaming, if I think I’m too old to play games professionally.  Not only do I enjoy it, I knew I could create something out of it."

Good luck Jordan, we hope you win big in July!

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