Lots of us may have taken a trip or two this summer and stayed in hotels. I'm sure many of you could give some interesting reviews on the hotels you stayed at. You may have used the popular website hotels.com.

Some of my family members are extremely attached to their animals and if they could take their pets with them on vacation, they would.

Thankfully, the forwarding-thinking website hotels.com has hired a professional to assist us in finding the perfect pet-friendly hotels.

They have hired a dog, a Boston Terrier from Boston, actually. His name is Lenny and he has been hired by the website to review pet-friendly hotels. This will allow those that can't be away from their canines to search for hotels that accommodate their pet as much as they do humans.

I was trying to dig into how much the pup will make but his people wouldn't comment.

Here is an adorable picture of Lenny:

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Now, of course, Lenny can't write his own reviews. So his owner, Joe Freni, will accompany Lenny for his travels at hotels around the world. Then Joe will write the reviews. What an awesome job.

Lenny did have to compete for the job by winning a few competitions. The reviews, while written by Joe, will be written as if it were from the dog perspective. I may not have a pup but now I'm curious how Joe will write these.

Congrats on the gig, Lenny!

Do you think your dog could be a hotel reviewer? Or maybe review food? Hmmm.

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