It's as if back in 1905, they knew we were going to have to self-isolate to survive. This house right off the coast of Rhode Island was built for our current times.

You may have heard of Clingstone in Newport, Rhode Island. It's a house that was deliberately built on a rock in the middle of the ocean off the coast of Rhode Island. Yes, it's literally in the middle of the bay. The amazing story of how this house came to be is incredible. People do actually live in it today and have made lots of updates to make it a sustainable home to live in.

Smithsonian Channel via YouTube

It got me thinking, though, that this house was made for the times we live in now. The family that lives in this house is not only practicing social distancing but knows how to deal with long periods of time in their home.

With the view they have, I'd never want to leave this house, either. I had so many questions when I first heard about this. How do they get food? Do they have a septic tank or plumbing? Luckily this video explains it all.

Now I'm not saying I would be able to live here. It absolutely would be an awesome vacation spot, though. I'd like to spend a week there, just as long as I have plenty of wine, food, and WiFi.

Smithsonian Channel via YouTube

What do you think? The house is currently owned and occupied but say it was available to rent, would you be into it? Since traditional vacations may be a little ways away, maybe something like this could be cool.

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