If you think your kids are addicted to their cell phones and it drives you crazy, there is something you can do about it.

Believe this or not, but there's a South Korean young lady named Yoo Chae-rin who spent 13 hours straight on her cell phone. That is more screen time than I see in a full week, never mind one day.

I found an interesting article on ABC Air Power about kids and their phones.

Futurism reports that nearly a third of South Korean 10-to-19-year-olds have the same problem as Yoo Chae-rin and are now being sent to detox camp to break their habit. I will be honest, this doesn't sound like a bad idea.

teen girls sexting phone

What is detox camp? It's a mandatory 12-day break from their handheld devices. While some campers are more than happy to hand over their phones, detox centers claim some phones had to be wrestled out of kids' hands. I believe this.

South Korea currently has 16 detox camps, which hold up to 25 middle and high school students. Campers must either suffer from a smart phone or internet addiction to be eligible for detox.

So, how much does a 12-day technology detox cost? About $84.

So now the only issue is, what about a detox camp here in the United States? I'm not sure I am comfortable sending my kid to South Korea to kick his cell phone addiction. Call me overprotective, but that might be a little too much for him and me.

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