A Reddit user posted a photo from his airplane window seat of a giant barge blocking his plan from landing earlier this week and the internet did not disappoint.

The photo was posted along with the caption "Only in Boston....a boat blocking the runway approach for our plane to land".   Immediately, one funny person thought to make a funny reference to Ludacris' famous 2001 hit "Move B* Get Out Da Way"

Banana_Ram_You Move, ship, get out the way~

After a hearty chuckle, the jokes started rolling in and Bostonians had an internal pun war that reminded us why we love Boston so much.

bitpushr You're going to hull with that comment.

dungeonpost "better watch yarmouth with that language

plzjustthrowmeaway buncha falmouths in this thread

50calPeephole You're beginning to sound like an Athol.

pixeltip I won't even try to make a pun now, I might as well Hanover this thread to you.

SuchDescription I Quincy what you did there

50calPeephole Orange ya glad these puns are almost over?

SuchDescription Eh, I got Norton else to do

dungeonpost This has Groton out of control

The fun eventually ended when everyone started internet-arguing over the difference between a ship and a boat and how Boston isn't the only coastal city in the world. Like anything fun on the internet, this punny party is Dover.


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