There's nothing I love about the holidays more than seeing the community coming together.

With the stresses of shopping, working overtime to afford presents and seasonal depression weighing on a lot of shoulders, the spirit of Christmas can easily be overshadowed. It's time we stop for a moment and appreciate the little things in life, now more than ever.

That includes helping out our neighbors and loved ones.

In Pawtucket, Rhode Island, lives a 95-year-old man by the name of George Dowling. According to his granddaughter, Charlene Fletcher, there's only one thing he's asking for this year.

What do you get someone who has been around to celebrate Christmas 95 times?

You send him a heartfelt holiday card.

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Fletcher reached out with the request on social media:

If anyone can send my grandfather a Christmas card it would make his holiday season! I would so appreciate it. We have been doing this since my grandmother passed. It helps him get through the holiday. We do read and put each one up on the wall. The most cards we ever received was 102. Last year we only received 14. He goes on the porch every day and checks the mail. Hope you can find it in your heart to send him one. Thank you in advance and Happy Holidays everyone!"

As of Nov. 28, Dowling's card count was up to 73. Let's make this the year we put his mail carrier to work and give Dowling a Christmas he'll never forget.

All cards can be sent to:

George Dowling
64 Harris Street
Pawtucket, RI 02861

God bless, Mr. Dowling, and Merry Christmas!

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