Forget about the chocolates and roses this Valentine's Day... get the person you adore something a bit more cuddly and loveable.

Every year is the same old "song and dance" when it comes to getting that special somebody the "perfect" Valentine's Day present. So as I was thinking of alternative options instead of fattening candies and over-priced flowers that will die in a day or two anyway, a lightbulb went off in my head.

Instead of spending (or even wasting) money on gifts, your significant other may be sick of or just not into, why not do something good for both yourself and the community by adopting a pet?!

Below are seven different pets (for people with different animal preferences) I discovered on that have been waiting for a good home and good family to be loved by. These animals are ALL local and make for the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your "better-half".

Click on the names below for more information on each adoptable pet: