I can honestly tell you, that in 1987, I did this exact same thing. I was playing with legos and built a toy gun to use while playing cops and robbers. It doesnt matter if it cops and robbers or cowboys and Indians. This is a fact on how little boys play..Now, in this new America..A  5-year-old boy faces possible suspension, after building a gun out of legos, during his after school program.

Joseph Cardosa is part of the after school program at Hyannis West Elementary School, on Cape Cod. His parents received a letter a few days ago that said Joseph has received his first written warning for using toys inappropriately, and that upon a second written warning, he will be suspended from the program for two weeks. This according to FOX Boston.

Joseph's parents, Shelia Cruz and Octavio Cardosa, say the school is taking things too far.

"I can understand with all the things that are going on right now in schools, but on the other hand, kids are taught you know 'here's a squirt gun, this is fun,' so this is fun to him, you know what I mean, he's running around playing - a little bit of re-direction would have been enough," said Cruz, Joseph's mother. So what is exceptable play now in this country for little boys, who play war, manhunt and what not?, I also believe the school is taking it a little far..What do you think? Suspension needed or over the top?

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