Since it's National Margarita Day, here are some fun facts about tequila that will help you in your argument to drink on a Monday (other than the obvious reason that its Monday!)

The Huffington post was kind enough to put together a list of all the fun tequila facts out there for National Tequila Day in July- but since Margaritas have tequila, the list is appropriate today, too.

1. Tequila Is plant-based. Did you hear that?  Plant based. Tequila comes from Mexico's Blue Agave plant. That means its good for you.

2. Tequila will not take you on any 'trips'.  Back in the day, folks in California claimed that tequila contained psychedelic properties and tequila sales SPIKED. However, those folks were just confusing tequila for peyote. It happens.

3. Tequila can be turned into diamonds. Physicists in Mexico found a way to turn tequila into artificial diamonds!  But... as life would have it, these diamonds are too small to be used for fancy jewelry and are used mainly for industrial needs.

4. Tequila isn't meant for tequila shots.  Allegedly, its meant to be savored in a very special glass, not shot and followed by a lick of salt off a stranger's body. The flavors are best enjoyed from a special  long-stemmed Riedel tequila glass. Don't have it? A white wine glass will do.

5. If unopened, Tequila can last a loooong time. But if you opened the bottle, be sure you drink it within two months of the day you open it otherwise the natural process of oxidization will lower the quality of tequila. You probably don't need more than a week anyway, right?





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