In case you haven't heard, Club 'Deja Vu' (the old Temptations) has closed their doors for good.

Since I work in Fairhaven, I'm constantly passing the abandoned building located at 161 Popes Island in New Bedford. Inside the vacant space is a couple of bars, a stage, leftover poles (for dancing/climbing), a sound system and of course plenty of room for... activities! I often ask myself what I personally would like to see inside (other than an adult entertainment club) and drew up a few thoughts and ideas:

1.) Brewery-


In the State of Massachusetts, we craft-brewers simply can't get enough locally brewed beer and I'm one of those snobs. Yes, I know there are already a few Downtown, New Bedford and I love that! Doesn't mean there can't be additional breweries in the area. The more the merrier, I say!

2.) Hibachi Restaurant-


You either have to travel to Providence, Seekonk, Dartmouth or Wareham for this unique restaurant-style. For all lovers of Asian cuisine, prepared fresh for you in front of your eyes, this would most certainly have your vote. There's plenty of space, and there's a bar for lunch/dinner cocktails, beer, and wine. Entertaining and delicious... everybody loves a good Hibachi!

3.) Pole-Fitness Facility-

Stas Perov

Been there, done that, would love to see a Pole-Fitness facility move into the vacant space. Afterall, the poles are already there and mounted, so it's one less step the business owner would have to do. Perhaps clear out the bar of alcohol and turn that into a health bar where you could order protein shakes and healthy juice concoctions. Otherwise, how else would you take advantage of the former "furniture" and "fixings?"

4.) Trader Joe's-

Trader Joe's Open New Store In Miami Area
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You mention the name 'Trader Joe's' and heads turn quickly. This is a no-brainer right here, it's been mentioned multiple times that this health food market should have a location here on the Southcoast... well, what better place than on 'Pope's Island? People won't care about the bridge or the location, as long as there is a 'Trader Joe's within 10-20 miles from their house or place of business, then chances are they're going to shop there regardless.

5.) Comedy Club/Piano Bar-


If you've ever visited the 'Dueling Piano Bar' in Providence, RI... then you know exactly what the hype is about. Basically, there's a stage with two pianos back to back. With a pianist at each end, song requests (paid for and requested by the audience) go back and forth between the players and it's highly entertaining and comedic. Although this would be a great spot for a comedy club, I personally would love to see this "Dueling Piano" concept become a hot spot in Fairhaven.

Those are just a few of my ideas and I'm sure there are plenty more out there. Do you agree on any of these? Who knows... perhaps this will entice a "business mogul" to step up and do something about the empty building. Feel free to use these ideas if that person is you.


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