It's no secret that a lot of women leave the workforce to stay home and raise their children. Once their kids are in school, however, a lot of women get nervous about how their lapse in employment will look to a potential employer. Don't count yourself out just yet, Mom. You've got skills that employers are looking for.

You've likely heard it before, parents make for great employees. If you've not heard that before, keep reading!  outlines the 3 biggest reasons why moms make great employees.

1. Moms are Great Multitaskers.  You almost have no choice, right?  Employers love a great multitasker because not only can you successfully juggle multiple tasks at the same time, but doing so makes you very efficient.  Anyone looking to simplify or streamline their operations see’s the value in having someone who is a natural at wearing many hats.

2. Queens of Time Management.  Mother’s leave no minute un-used.  You’re scheduling doctors’ appointments waiting for your coffee to brew; paying bills while the car warms up outside. Moms know that time is important and in that, have an easier time cutting out any distractions that will steer them off track.  What employer doesn’t love someone who pumps out 8 hours’ worth of work during their 8 hour workday?

3. Great People Management Skills.  No one is more patient than a parent who has read their child the same story for the 30th consecutive time. And negotiating with people?!  Who else gets to practice their "negotiating with an unreasonable person" skills a hundred times a day?  With so many different kinds of people working under the same roof, its important to have employees that are agreeable and willing to help when they can.

Don't discredit yourself for the hard work you've put in while you've been staying at home and raising your family; the skills you've learned most certainly apply to the working world.  Get back out there, momma!