Who knew something as simple as making lemonade could impact your child's future?

Lemonade Day is not only a fun way for kids to make their own money, but its a sneaky way to teach them other stuff, too. After last year's event, we surveyed our Lemonade Day participants to see how their kids did with the program.  Here are the 3 big things we learned when the results

1. PROFIT:  The average lemonade stand gained $341.79 in profit. That means that after investors were paid and expenses were accounted for, kids had $341.79 extra!

2. SELF IMPROVEMENT:   89% of surveyed parents said their child's self esteem improved because of Lemonade Day. Along with that, there was an increase in personal responsibility, problem solving, communication skills, sense of purpose and seeing a project through.

3. FINANCIAL LITERACY: 89% of those surveyed said their child gained an understanding of saving and philanthropy. Also, they learned hwo to set financial goals, draw correlation between math and the real world and increased their financial vocabulary.

Lemonade Day has had more than 1 million kids participate in its program since 2007. Greater Fall River Lemonade Day is one of the only chapters in the Northeast and we hope to keep getting bigger. Get involved, sign up for free!

Lemonade Day 2017 is possible, thanks to our Main Squeeze Baycoast Bank and supporting sponsors Waring-Sullivan and Rock Funeral Homes, Westport Federal Credit Union, Lapointe Insurance, Carl’s Collision Center, Frugal Franks, Fall River Municipal Credit Union, Melissa’s Pet Depot, Fabulous Foundations by Nancy, Auclair’s Market, Sonic of Somerset and Revolution Lobster.

Special thanks to our community supporters: Greater Fall River Re-Creation, Somerset Recreation, Dartmouth Community Television, Dartmouth Rotary, Dartmouth Police Department, Dartmouth Public Schools and many more!

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