Just because it's National Taco Day doesn't mean you have to just enjoy tacos... Try these three alternatives to the delicious Mexican creation!


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    Village Pizza "Taco Pizza"


    The famous 'Village Pizza' in Westport is home to some of the most delicious pizza pies on the Southcoast (Believe me, I grew up on it!). If you love pizza and you love tacos, then Village Pizza's 'Taco Pizza' is not only the best around, but it serves itself well in time for National Taco Day!

    [760 Main Rd, Westport MA (508)-636-8757]

    Say Hello to owners Kathy and Tony when if you visit! They love meeting new people and you'll love their pizza.

    Village Pizza, Westport, MA
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    Mary's Steamed Cheeseburgers "Grilled Cheese Taco"


    When Mary decided to combine Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with a Taco, it was the best of both worlds and I'll be honest with you... This is a treat that you won't wait to eat!

    [288 Union St, New Bedford, MA (774)-202-0236]

    Ask for Mary and tell her Gazelle sent you! ;)

    Mary's Steamed Cheeseburgers, Downtown, New Bedford, MA
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    Yia-Yia's Pizza Cafe "Taco Fries"


    I've heard of loaded fries, chili fries and even cheese fries.. but Yai Yai's "Taco Fries" are to die for and a must try overall!

    [381 Sconticut Neck Rd, Fairhaven, MA (508)-990-1919]

    Courtesy of Kyle DeSousa
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    [Irving Gas Station, Hathaway Road, New Bedford]

    As an added bonus to National Taco Day.... Treat yourself to something cold, chocolatey and delicious... in the mold of a waffle-cone taco shell!