22 U.S. Veterans will commit suicide due to troubling issues... just today.

#Mission22 is a veteran non-profit organization with one goal: to end the war on veterans taking their own lives, simply because they can no longer deal with everyday life issues that originate from past experiences with war and combat.

On June 24th, 2018, Mission 22 will once again be hosting a pub crawl in the Downtown area of New Bedford. Above is last year's video on the wildly successful mission to spread awareness throughout the bars and streets of Downtown New Bedford.

Starting time begins at 1:00 PM @ Rose Alley Ale House and will head over to the following locations:


-Moby Dick Brewery

-Pour Farm Tavern

-Greasy Luck Tavern

The group will spend 1 hour at each location with a raffle at each bar. Tickets to join the "Crawl" are only $22.00 and 100% of proceeds will go directly to Mission 22.

For more information and tickets call:

Jared- (508)-789-8239

Donny- (508)-965-2464

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