It's been quite a month for Collin Dias from Fall River.  He graduated from Bishop Connolly High School, celebrated his 18th birthday, and announced that he intends to seek public office in the City of Fall River.

Take a moment and think about what you were doing when you were 18-years-old.  Personally, I couldn't name a single elected official in my town when I was a teen.  Collin Dias is different.  He's not happy with the way Jasiel Correia is handling his term as Fall River Mayor.  He believes that the elder Correia is responsible for a lack of leadership and poor economic development in the city, which he describes as being in "shambles".

We asked Dias why he'd want to be a mayor or city councilor at the age of 18.  He told us that he had first become interested by listening to talk radio and because of his Uncle Will Flanagan.

When asked if he has enough life experience to handle being mayor of one of the biggest cities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Dias told us, "I've held a job, I have a checkbook, I have a debit card.  I would say I'm pretty mature for my age and I'm just going to mature even more."

You can listen to Dias' interview right here.


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