We know that there may be some parents that might be feeling a little left out when Fortnite conversations spark up around the house, so we've compiled a list of 15 phrases that can help you talk to your kids about the most popular video game in the world.

If you've got kids, chances are they are playing the most popular video game in the world, Fortnite Battle Royale.  Well over 45 million players suit up to play this fantasy battle game.  According to Vox, Fortnite set a record in February, with 3.4 million people playing the game...at once!  It could leave some parents wondering if their kids are speaking a different language.  This list may help:

Skins:  Outfits for your character.

Emote:  If you want to dance...you press the "Emote"...then you select a dance that you'd like to perform in the game.  It's a fun way to express yourself within the parameters of the game.

Rocket Rodeo:  An "emote" where you click a controller, a rocket sails up, you jump on it and you control it to go up, ,down, left and right.  You ride the rocket like a cowboy rides a bull at a rodeo.

Dancing:  It's kind of a big deal in Fortnite.  This game is not just about shooting.  It's about working in the hottest dance moves into your game.  The best players can flow between the two like Cam Newton seamlessly flows from touchdowns to dabs.  Whether it's with the Floss, the Robot, or the Rocket Rodeo...the best players love to express themselves on the Battlefield with a little jig.  There must be about 100 dances in the game.

Battlebus:  Your character leaps off the "battlebus" to land on the Battle Island.

Storm:  When a storm arrives, players need to find the eye of the storm to avoid it from slowly damaging your character.  The smaller the eye of the storm becomes, the more damaging it becomes.  The storm is designed to gather players close to one another.

V Bucks:  LIttle coins that you buy with real-world money (as in American currency).  V bucks allow you to buy skins and emotes.

Llama:  An extremely rare chest.  There are only 3 on the map at one time.  They drop you 500 pieces of wood, brick and metal, 25 rounds of each type of ammo, and medical supplies.  This type of find can be critical to winning the game.

Supply Drops:  Remember the Hunger Games?  Actually, the entire game is very much like the Hunger Game movies.  Supply drops give you legendary weapons, medical supplies and materials to build.  They drop out of the sky like a hot air balloon.

Take The "L":  You put up the "loser" sign on your forehead and dance.

Pure Salt:  Another dance to show you that you are just a little bit "salty"...or "triggered".

Victory Royale:  When you are the last one standing out of the 100 total players that started the match.









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