A mechanical engineer was able to glue on a pair of wheels as legs for this poor tortoise, whose legs were eaten by a rat.

YouTube/The Telegraph


According to Daily Mail, A 100 year old tortoise lost her two front legs after a rat chewed them off.  Mrs. T, was hibernating when the rat chewed of her two front legs. Her vets feared she would survive without the ability to move around.

Jude Ryder, Mrs. T's owner, was shocked when she went to check on her century old pet and saw what had happened.  After spending over a thousand dollars in veterinarian expenses, Ryder needed a new plan.

She looked to her mechanical engineer son for a help.  Dale Sinclair-Jones attached wheels that he retrieved from a model aircraft.  He attached the wheels right onto her shell.

With her new wheels Mrs.T is riding faster than she ever did before!  Ryder says "She took to them straight away but she has had to learn how to turn and stop."  

If you think a century is old for a tortoise, think again.  In fact, 100 years old is pretty young for a tortoise. Ryder says Mrs.T has at least another 50 years.

Ryder was afraid she was going to have to put Mrs.T to sleep. Thankfully her son came up with such a great idea and now Mrs.T can scoot around!