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The SouthCoast did its best impression of Hollywood two summers ago when the region was written into being the backdrop of a boxing drama. The film is called Jungleland, and it stars Charlie Hunnam from Sons of Anarchy.

We heard stories from listeners about Hunnam signing autographs in the produce section of Shaw's and happily posing for selfies with moms at the park. Hunnam was nothing but gracious and seemed quite at home here on the SouthCoast that summer.

We've since been curious about the project and when it would be released. When COVID-19 hit, we wondered if we'd ever get to see the finished project of Jungleland. That question was answered yesterday when Paramount Pictures dropped the official movie trailer on YouTube.

The movie seems to be about two boxing brothers who rack up a debt and need to travel across the country to fight one last fight.

The two-and-a-half minute, quick-moving trailer is packed with scenes that were shot on location here on the SouthCoast. A few of the more obvious shots were of the Merrow Manufacturing building in Fall River, the Wamsutta Club in New Bedford, and the Fall River PAL. Some of the harder to recognize spots in the trailer included Libad's Bar and Grill on Brock Ave. in the South End of New Bedford and Pa Raffa's in the North End.

The movie will have a limited release in theaters on November 6, and then is expected to go to Video on Demand on November 10.

SouthCoast Spots You'll Recognize in the 'Jungleland' Movie Trailer

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